Another ode to Chicago 

Springtime in Chicago. There’s nothing quite like it. People descend upon the Lakeshore, Michigan Ave, Lincoln Park. The trails are full again, second only to the rooftop bars. I’m no longer the only runner out in the early hours of the morning. In short-we feel that we are able to live again.  No longer are we forced inside by bitter winds, blowing snow, icy streets. … Continue reading Another ode to Chicago 

Chicago, that’s my (semi) hometown

I haven’t been writing as much as I haven’t been traveling as much and am actually enjoying my time at home in Chicago. I love traveling but I have to say there is something about being in my own apartment, with a kitchen, my own bed, sheets, washer/dryer, and all that good stuff. Also, now that the weather is bearable and we can come out … Continue reading Chicago, that’s my (semi) hometown

Finding the art in travel 

I just came across this interesting piece in the Financial Times and it got me thinking about art and about finding it in everyday experiences. I believe that travel brings us opportinuties to find art in both unique and mundane experiences; and to even transform the mundane into the unique.  If you read the FT article mentioned above, maybe you’re conflicted like I am with … Continue reading Finding the art in travel 

A shoutout to the “real” traveler

For today’s daily dose – I came across this excellent article on Travel + Leisure this morning and just had to share. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and are bombarded with picture perfect travel photos whenever you scroll through. I realize the irony of this statement as I am one of those people who post a lot of travel photos, … Continue reading A shoutout to the “real” traveler