bumbling along

I know I joke that I am in an exclusive relationship with American Airlines but it has become increasingly clear that perhaps this is the correct relationship for me at this time. My best girl friend is recently single after a very long seven year relationship. As one can imagine she is all about those girls’ nights out and it’s really fun having a single gal pal, especially in the summer. A few weeks ago, she convinced me to try bumble as she was having a grand old time on it and she made the logical case that I could use it wherever I go. So I caved. Not proud of it as I had a lot of pride about never been on a dating app before; but I decided to join the droves of twenty and thirty somethings trying to swipe their way to love.

I found nothing.

Well, that is a lie, I found some great entertainment in pick up lines, profile pictures, and realized just how small Chicago is. The amount of matches I got was staggering, only slightly less impressive by the the amount of matches my girl friend and I shared (yes, the guys used the same lines on both of us). Honestly I found it all a bit creepy. I could find someone a mile away in Chicago and then hop to New York, open up the app and see what the buffet was like there too. It’s just not my style. It’s like going to Macy’s rather than shopping at Neimans – just too many mediocre options for my taste and you always think you will find something better just around the corner (but you never do). I think the new season of Master of None had it perfect in the “First Date” episode. I give Dev a ot of credit for the time and effort it took to come up with that opening line and even take most of those girls out. But ultimately even he falls for someone outside his phone world. 

Here is the funny thing that happened when I got bumble: a few hours later I got asked out by a real live male. In the wild. Maybe all I had to do was give up and give in for the rest to happen. Solely because of this instance I consider my bumble experience a success. Is the guy who asked me out “the one”? No way. But he was ballsy enough to flirt with me AND ask for my number AND follow up – the Holy Trifecta that rarely happens. Even though ultimately it did not go anywhere, our interactions felt a thousand times more natural than any swiping I have ever done.

I have discussed the goal of dating and dating apps with many of my guy friends and instead of writing a disertation on it, I will just leave you with this:


What does this have to do with travel? Really nothing, I just wanted to write about it. I also just ran into a lovely man I used to date, so it got me thinking. We met in an airport and are still good friends. I rest my case. American Airlines, let’s do this.


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