Chicago, that’s my (semi) hometown

I haven’t been writing as much as I haven’t been traveling as much and am actually enjoying my time at home in Chicago. I love traveling but I have to say there is something about being in my own apartment, with a kitchen, my own bed, sheets, washer/dryer, and all that good stuff. Also, now that the weather is bearable and we can come out of hibernation, Chicago is a pretty awesome place to live. Coming from Denver, I never lived somewhere that people came to visit (keep in mind this was before Denver became hipster haven and before weed was legal, the appeal was just not there). Now that I do live in a “destination” I try to sometimes be a tourist in my own city, and it can be pretty fun.

While I skipped the Sears Tower, I took a walk this weekend along the Lakeshore, along with everyone else in Chicago and appreciated the beauty, spirit, and overall draw of living here. Days like that I remember why the winter is all worth it. While I’ve been home, I’ve just been living life and appreciating being in this city. I have been pounding the pavement every morning and loving the tulips on Michigan Avenue. To me that’s tax money well spent. I’ve been able to go to spin class, yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp, see friends for brunches; all the things you get to do when you’re established somewhere. I even get to live in the place I pay rent for, what a concept. Even though I love being home, it’s become clear to me that my home has really become where I am in the moment and I am already looking forward to my next trip in a few weeks. But there is something to be said for a gorgeous morning run on the lakeshore… it’s good to be back.




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