Finding the art in travel 

I just came across this interesting piece in the Financial Times and it got me thinking about art and about finding it in everyday experiences. I believe that travel brings us opportinuties to find art in both unique and mundane experiences; and to even transform the mundane into the unique. 

If you read the FT article mentioned above, maybe you’re conflicted like I am with the blending of grand master paintings and modern (yet classic) Louis Vuitton designs. I  compare this to my trouble accepting the clash of the traditional and modern in some of the cities I visit as well. Isn’t there something to be said for keeping the architecture classic in a beautiful city without having glass and steel interrupting ancient Baroque facades? The best example of this is I.M. Pei’s Pyramide du Louvre which in my option in a pure assault on the fantastic architecture of the Lourve. However, this is how great cities are built and how the best survive. Even the iconic Eiffel Tower was at first dispiesed by the French (perhaps still is by some) but now is seen as a symbol of beauty throughout the world.

Wherever you go-remember to stop and appreciate the art of what you’re seeing (a reminder to myself as well!) Whether it’s natural beauty, glass and steel, a breathtaking sculpture, or just observing the simple joy of humanity. I often find that the best and more surprising art resides outside even the most renown museums. Whatever you do-don’t become that jaded traveler. Yes-we’ve seen a million tree lined streets, graffiti covered buildings, picturesque parks. But each one is different and gives us an opportunity to strip the mundane away, one visit at a time. 


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