A shoutout to the “real” traveler

For today’s daily dose – I came across this excellent article on Travel + Leisure this morning and just had to share. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and are bombarded with picture perfect travel photos whenever you scroll through. I realize the irony of this statement as I am one of those people who post a lot of travel photos, but I also try not to be one of those people who have everything so painfully staged it comes off disingenuous. Anyways, this article features Two Fat Americans, a husband and wife team traveling with world sans Insta-fame, sponsors, and thigh gap bikini photos. I have to say – their blog rocks and their feed is refreshing. For me, it’s less to do about anyone’s size and more to do with how travel is seen as such a status symbol these days. Two Fat Americans take status and the “doing it for the Insta” attitude out of the equation and seem to just really love the joys of travel. Check out the article here and props to T+L for the feature.


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