Let’s talk about tacos

Who isn’t in the mood for tacos? I am constantly on the lookout for los tacos mejores every place I visit. While I have found some excellent tacos in other locales I think Colorado takes the cake with its diverse array of eateries devoted to the art of the taco. Here a short list to add to your Taco Tuesday festivities.

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Tacos Tequila Whiskey – Denver, CO
Formerly called Pinche tacos, literally meaning “f**k tacos” you’ve gotta believe this place is f**king good. It doesn’t disappoint with two locations in Denver, both of which are always crowded due to the restaurant’s no reservations policy. No sweat though-get there early, grab a few delish margs and contemplate the expensive taco menu. Mis favoritos include the barbacoa and carnitas.

Via Tacos Tequila Whiskey

Oyamel – Washington, D. C.
I’m pretty sure I ate my way through the entire selection of Oyamel and didn’t regret a single one. The stand out was for sure the al pastor with its delectable sauce and perfectly tender meat. Muy bien. If you go here head to the bar and a order spicy margarita. You won’t regret it.

Via Zagat

Tico – Boston, MA
Gotta be honest- I think the duck quesadilla takes the throne here but the tacos are yummo too. Get a selection of a few but don’t miss the chicken with its bite of spice and great slaw.

Via OpenTable

Tukka – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Lion fish tacos are not to be missed. If you’ve never had lion fish now is the time. An invasive species to the Cayman, restaurants throw it into everything and it is delicious. Gently sweet lightly grilled, the fish is paired with a traditional fish taco slaw and corn tortilla. Perfection and the view isn’t terrible either.


What are you favs?


One thought on “Let’s talk about tacos

  1. I’ve only had the lion fish tacos in Grand Cayman. The Rio has great shrimp tacos! Now I have a list of many to try.
    It’s way late, but this made me hungry:)


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