Super silent reading

Remember when you used to get time to read in school? Ours was called SSR for super silent reading: you had better shut up and read or you’d get in super serious sh** (SSS). While some used this time to pass super secret notes I was a super super nerd and read. The trend continues for me today when I fly. Here are some recent picks from me.

Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty
A compelling tale that has now been turned into an HBO series with Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. Be cool and read the book first though. A story of murder, lust, and deception, Big Little Lies explores the underbelly of Sydney’s upper middle class neighborhoods and suburbia everywhere. Things are not what they seem. Also check out The Husband’s Secret but the same author. I picked them both up in the St. Thomas airport and didn’t realize they were by the same author until after I finished The Husband’s Secret.

BIG LITTLE LIES jacket.jpg                     husbands secret

Don’t You Cry Mary Kubica
A woman living a hermit-like existence, a missing roommate, a busboy, and a normal Chicago twenty-something year old converge in this high speed mystery where the plot twists so much you won’t want to put it down in fear of missing a turn. Don’t You Cry is the kind of book that makes you hope for a long taxi to the gate so you can finish the chapter before deplaning. The Good Girl is also by Kubica and another great read.

dont you cry                     the good girl

A Dog’s Purpose W. Bruce Cameron
As a huge dog lover, I just had to pick this one up. Believe all the hype you’ve seen about this one- it’s a a tear jerker as well as being laugh out loud funny. Cameron’s witty take on man’s best friend is unexpected and refreshing as he brings life most intimate moments to life through the eyes of our four legged friends.
dogs purpose .jpeg

Modern Romance Aziz Ansari
Are you mystified about today’s relationship mores and norms? Read this book. Even if you don’t think you’re interested you will be after reading a page of Ansari’s hilarious and very accurate account of what dating and relationships have become in today’s current age. Supported by scientific data this book is not only funny but all too real.

modern romance .jpg


One thought on “Super silent reading

  1. Well done once again! A little typo in the sentence: The husbands Secret but….. should be by.
    Thanks for another post!
    Love that you are doing this!


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