Stayin’ fly

I travel a ton. Do I love it? Yes, absolutely and would not change it for the world. It has been a learning transition from a white girl’s version of The Weeknd’s “Ordinary Life” to my actual ordinary life where calories count on planes and first class champagne will really bite you in the ass. I was talking to a colleague the other week and she asked me “girl, how do you stay sane/fit/energized with all of your travels?” and I started to think – how do I? So I decided to take a look at how I live my airborne life and also stay grounded. It’s been an illuminating introspective experience for me and now I look forward to sharing this all with you.

The below are some basic travel tips that I now live by. I bet you have seen most of these in travel or health magazines and there is a reason for that; these things actually work!

The Terminal

You’ve arrived. You’ve survived the “random search” at Security, found the restroom and now have that awkward 30ish minutes before your flight. This is if you’re a reasonable and responsible flier. If you are like me most of the time and sprinting to the gate maybe read the below and see what could be.

No fast food. Come on – we are so past McDonald’s now. I mean have you seen “Super Size Me“? If not it’s on Netflix. Instead of the grease and grossness that will just sit in your stomach as you contemplate asking for a seatbelt extender, go light. There are so many healthy options at the airport now so grab a Kind bar, coffee (if you’re not planning on sleeping), and some fresh fruit and call it a day. You get some long lasting protein from the Kind bar, caffeine (as caffeine=life), and a pop of good vitamins and carbs from fruit. Do not fall into the Healthy Fruit and Nut Trail Mix Trap: You see a bag of trail mix and you go for it. If you turn that bag around you will find that it’s 200 calories per serving and there are about 800 servings in that whopper of a bag. Walk away from the trail mix and towards the fresh fruit. Even Stabrucks has bananas these days and they have great sized packets of plain almonds too if you need an extra snack.

Don’t forget water! The H2O will save you during your flight. I get a huge SmartWater and drink it all between the time I get to the airport and the time I land. SmartWater does not make you smarter so you choose your brand and do you.

Carry On. If travel=life for you, invest in a solid carry on and learn to pack light and efficiently. I have had my Tumi for years now and I love it. You can find a bunch of different types and brands for any budget on Travel + Leisure. Make sure you check the international vs domestic carry on sizes – a few inches can make all the difference in the world. Whichever one you choose be sure to get a four wheel spinner as this will help with running/walking through the airport and your destination. If you’re more the carry on bag type, I would check out Herschel for some good midrange options or just go full on Kanye with a camo Louis Vuitton.

Be nice to people. Of course you don’t need to make friends with everyone you come into contact with but just give off good vibes. People respond well to those who smile and it’s okay chat with the non-creepy people at the bar. If they are all creepy it’s also a good option to read a magazine too. Remember to be nice to your servers, they have to be in stale airport air all day and that would give anyone a headache.

Don’t be that guy…. who thinks that every airline is Southwest and lines up super early even though he is in Group 4 boarding. There is a process for a reason. Respect the process, no one gets hurt and you might even depart on time. Also don’t be the guy who has a giant carry on and then complains very loudly when the gate agent kindly checks it that “it fits in every other flight”. No sir, it does not.


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