Our first voyage together

Thanks for clicking on yet another travel blog post. I know there a lot out there and I appreciate your click like everyone else appreciates a seating upgrade. Even if you stop reading now I hope you at least laughed at that last sentence.

You’re probably asking yourself – who is this b trying so hard for a laugh? I’m a twenty seven year old living in Chicago and dating American Airlines. And yes, it’s getting serious. As with any relationship, there are ups and downs, bumps along the way, and the occasional disappointment when he just completely cancels on me. But such is life. It’s tough keeping your life on track when your boyfriend has you flying around everywhere, offering you champagne, warmed nuts, and those tasty coffee biscuits. This blog hopes to offer you and your traveling friends tips, tricks, and solid advice (all from very real experiences) for dealing with that jet set lifestyle that makes your Instagram look amazing but exhausts your body and mind. From preventing jet lag, to finding the best eggs benedict in London, to staying in shape in your hotel room, I strive to be your travel spirit guide and show you the world in all of its shinning, shimmering splendor.



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